Monday, December 3, 2012

6 Life of Pi Premiere Screening

Thanks again to Nuffnang for the invitations to the amazing premiere screening of Ang Lee's latest installation - Life of Pi.

Perhaps one of the best movie I watched thus far in the year of 2012 and with only one month left in this calender year, it will take something extraordinary to dethrone this movie off the throne of my favorite movie in the year of 2012.

Life of Pi's Official Trailer :

Throw all your commercial type of movies out of the window. What Life of Pi have installed for you is an awesome story line (A best selling award winning novel cant be that bad after all) couple with an even stunning 3D visual effects. Thats the type of combos that any film going against it will have to face.

Story line generally goes around Pi who narrated his adventure to a writer who is seeking inspiration in his works. The story told by Pi is mainly focused on how he survived a ship wreck and after that how he managed to stay alive on a float boat with a tiger on board with him. So, the first part of story will be jumping around Pi's childhood and how he was introduced to several religion and how he decided to combine a few religions together. You can say he is one of the most religious person you will ever encounter. Don't be fool when you think that all these religious stuffs will be boring as the movie might indicate to you the opposite. The first part of the movie saw people laughing out loud off their seats. Its pretty impressively funny yet religious !

The second part of the story took place on the sea. So be prepared for some sea riding and if you are not going in for the 3D version, you are missing out one of the best in sea experience a movie can gives you. So hang on to your safety vest while roller costing in the arm of mother nature on a pair of 3D glasses. Visual satisfaction will blown you off the world . A 3D is a must for this movie if you ask me.

The third and last part is the story after Pi was rescued on the Mexican shores. Some investigator came over and asked him what transpired during his adventure on the sea. He first gave the exact type of story you seen throughout the movie but he was doubted on several points especially when it is far from being logical and realistic. He then told another version, the type which is realistically cruel. He was crying when he told this version of story. The writer then asked him which story is the true version and he then replied that he gave him the two versions , one is wonderful, the other was horrifying but both with the same ending that is he is the only one who survived the ship wreck and it is now up to the write to decide which story is the true version since it is now the writer's story ...............................

So , which story you chooses to believe ?

Verdict : awesome visual enjoyment in 3D mode coupled with an inspiring and meaningful story line gives you Life of Pi and unlike all those doggy endings that several movies offered us in the calender year of 2012, this will definitely ggave you some goose bumps as I am now writing this review. Although still cant beat my several others all time favorite, this is definitely join my list of must watch movie and my very first must watch movie in 3D !

4-5 stars - highly recommended in 3D version 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

0 Paranormal Activity 4 Premiere Screening

Thanks to Nuffnang for the premiere screening ticket of Paranormal Activity 4. 

M1 - 3rd row , very bad seat indeed 

Movie Trailer -

Even before the movie start, I was freaked out by the amount of activities going on there , there were these kind of guards wearing blazer standing in front of the hall, inside the hall and walking around the hall. They asked us to switch off our phone and when people start to use their phone they will go over and ask them not to do so and request them to switch it off . This must be the most "serious" premiere screening that I went .

Yes, this is that movie with a camera fixed to capture whatever the mysterious supernatural thing is . 

This time they upgrade it to portable Video Recorder, Webcam and also Phone Camera. The main cast this time is a  family who generously took care of the new neighbor's son whose mother was admitted to hospital . The freakiness  of this young little boy prompted Alex (the daughter) and Ben (her lucky boyfriend) 
to set up camera along the house using laptop's web cam and then..........................................

Paranormal activity really brings into life of this whole new concept of amateur type of some sort of home made  horror video to give the audience a sense of mystery and also trying to link it or rather made you think it to be real since its debut. This whole new household camera thingy can be seen in several different horror movie now. The last one I watched is The Devil Inside which I personally still thinks is one of the best horror movie I seen this year. So kudos to the first Paranormal Activity to come up with this idea. 

The movie generally is OK , keep you on the seat and you wont be falling a sleep or making fun of it but kind of too over this times as I am still trying to reason how on earth someone can be running around with her webcam which is on her laptop and the footage shown is not her face. Enlighten me on it and also will you be running around with your laptop even to find your dad. As if carrying your Ipad to take Photo is not silly enough , people now come up with running with laptop. 

Some scary scenes here and there and you cant really complain much when a very pretty girl keep popping up on the scene (kudos for getting a pretty  But all those feel good factor was then destroyed instantly with a stupid ending. Not going to disclose it here but its  A VERY STUPID ENDING. Similar to my previous post of Sadako 3D. Just don't understand why the trend now is like this, are they trying to do a Twilight. I f**king hate Twilight! still a better movie than Twilight by far I mean. 

So , the verdict - Generally good , give you some scary moment and that wanting to know whats going to happens next feel plus point being the pretty girl but the ending you waiting and crying for  pretty much screwed up the whole movie. See it this way, you been waiting for your grand birthday gift which someone promised you to be amazing but it turned out to be a sucky one - that's in short is the verdict to the movie. 

Rating : 

3 Stars - will be higher if it not for the stupid ending and yes some extra stars because of the wonderful actress refering not to her acting but her face.  
P.S. Thanks also to Fui Yee for accompanying me for the movie and for the Coke but will be more appreciate if I don't have to wait for you so long in front of your house. Yes, I heard your cursing on waiting for me for my bathroom visits before and after the movie and also having to carry all my stuffs when I was off to the washroom. Yes , you are amazing indeed and no no you are not substitute just that you are my second choice- HAAAHAHA

Friday, October 5, 2012

18 My Chambering experience : borang 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,8

The title if I can make it longer will be filling up all those borang-borang makes me sick !!!!!!

The start of any chambering life is with the filling up of Borang 1 and 2 . Trust me these are not ordinary form you fill up to get your free gift or member card . These are  forms that will make you scratch your head pretty hard and mistakes almost inevitable at times. I pretty much make mistake in every forms that I fill up and yes that include all those stupid free gift forms too (Because its in my blood !) 

There are borang 1-8 which you have to fill up during your period of pupilage. I think I will not be going into the details of it. In fact I have already forgotten about the details of all those forms. Just to put the title to attract more visits . Yes , I heard your cursing already . But I am kind enough to share a link with you that is my fellow friend's blog who did touch on filling up and serving those forms so, you can click on the link below for your step to step guide: 

And if you are looking for the Borang 6,7 and 8 . Wait for my friend to update her blog la . HAHHAHA

I will include a long call check list here just to be a little bit helpful. 

long call checklist

long call checklist

long call checklist

long call checklist

long call checklist

And of course if you are as careless as I am, affidavit pembetulan is always inevitable, so get your senior to guide you on this hideous process . One more tips please don't hesitate to go to RKK counter in 2nd floor to let them check your forms before you proceed to file your papers, they will sometimes save your asses - This explain why my ass was not saved due to my incompetence and lackadaisical attitude in climbing the stairs or waiting for lift and straight away proceed with filling without letting those people in RKK to help me out first. 

A tip on the filing of Borang 4 that is the affidavit that your master needs to sign. Please take note that the borang 4 should be acknowledged before you proceed to file in the court as the commissioner of oath in court is very l**** one. The last time I thought I could get my borang 4 acknowledge by the court Commissioner of Oath ended up given a small lecture by the Commissioner of Oath and even after I manja and beg him a few times with my very own  sexy tone of please la......... please la ........he still refused to do it for me. He said this to me :" Please ask the person who signed the thing to come in front of me, showed me his IC, only I will acknowledge for you............" Which means unless you can drag your master to court if not please get a Commissioner of Oath who is NOT WORKING IN COURT to acknowledge beforehand. But,  if you are like one of my friend who is a girl and so happens to be pretty with a very nice and soft voice suitable for manja-ing people , you can try your luck with the commissioner of oath in court. Why say so ? A friend of mine who fits the above mentioned criteria got the commissioner of oath to acknowledge her borang 4 after she beg him a few times with the same please la..... please la....... and yes I fell like slapping that Commissioner of Oath's face (i.e. HIS GET OUT OF HERE FACE) when my friend told me about her great achievement Another girls'  pretty girls' only privilege !
My other tip will be for you to tag along a capable friend (Make sure he or she is someone who is capable and not someone who have a track record of carelessness like me) preferably a girl (no sexual discrimination intended, just because girls are much more sensitive in this kind of things than a guy)) and go to the court to do the filing together. You will have someone to guide you on what should you do , where should you go, what is the next step and etc...... The best thing is you have someone to accompany you while waiting for the very "EFFICIENT" scanning counter to call your number. Both of you will then have identical petition number and you will have someone reminding you your next step. Can check on each other whether all papers are in order . Same timing for legal aid. Same day to end and same day to get called to the Bar . Isn't it just great !

Although I think that the process is a bit overstretch and can be tedious at times but the reasoning behind it ie to have chambering student to at least familiar with the e-filing system and court procedure is quite understandable and still relevant in my opinion. 

And to all of you who are starting your chambering life, two words for you people : GOOD LUCK (wahahahahaha- the evil laugh background to be inserted here  !)

Monday, October 1, 2012

0 Sadako 3D

I guess the movie had probably gone off the big screen now. But , since I am now in my holiday , no harm for a little writing on the special screening I went - Thanks again to Nuffnang , this time I got the chance to catch Sadako 3D in Paradigm Mall.

Thanks for the free screening

I think most of you have a big question mark in your head right now, what film is this Sadako 3D. I wont be blaming you if you have absolutely no idea about the film as I myself have this same big question mark hanging around me the very first time my first friend Fui Yee told me about the film.

The classic sadako's crawling out of a TV act 

Sadako 3D

And if the picture doesn't ring a bell , I guess you just don't watch horror movie then. Sadako the main ghost in the classic Japanese horror movie The Ring with her all time favorite/classic  act of climbing out of the TV is now taking the big screen with her own name. She must be screaming MAKE ME POPULAR, EVERYONE KNOWS ME BUT NO ONE KNOWS MY NAME!!!

We get to watch the movie in 3D . The last time I watched 3D is when I watched The Green Hornet and the 3D effects are pretty lame (I know who ask me to watch Green Hornett in 3D especially when Jay chou is talking absolutely unbearable English ). I guess shooting a movie using 3D equipment and to have a movie transformed into 3D after production do have a huge impact on the quality of the 3D effects. From the effects in Sadako 3D , I guess the movie used the former way which makes the effects at least better than The Green Hornet.But, I might be wrong.

Lets get back to the movie itself, the movie can be sum up into one single word : FAILURE!!!

During the screening , people were laughing rather than screaming which I guess give you a clearer picture how this film failed to fulfill its destiny that is to make you screamed ! Sadako now not only can get out from TV, It can get out from smart phone, PSP, Ipad, Laptop, computer and everything with a screen on it and being digital . It wont surprise me if it can crawl out from a calculator or a classic Nokia 3310( which you can later throw at it and kill it) given how silly and stupid the film is.

Giving the heroine a special ability to kill Sadako is way too much, I mean what the hell is that scream have to do with killing the Ghost or rather in this film is the monster. I hate the fact that it is a monster but not a ghost. Whats the difference ? A monster is like a vampire , yes they can suck your blood but hey they wont be disturbing you in your nightmare (Now some girls might be screaming for their neck to be bitten and go :" OH , I am your Bella, come bite me, Edward !" ). Since when Japanese horror movie turned into a monster type rather than a ghost type. A typical ghost type movie which haunted me with a week of nightmares is the Japanese version of Dark Water - That is what people scared of not some crawling girl who can do fantastic yoga but is too poor to get a hair cut for ages.

In conclusion, the movie sucks !

Movie rating - Sadako 3D

P.S. I am in a way amazed with Paradigm mall's security who closed all escalator point and make everyone to go down by the same route, with lots of security guards patrolling around the area and also the Parking lots. But the very one thing I dislike is that I ended up paying my parking ticket twice because I cant locate my car and have the first 20 minutes time expired thanks to their act of closing down all the exit points!